( THE AGE OF LOVE/Liquid Drop Groove/DURACELL)



2009年3月7日自身のオーガナイズパーティTHE AGE OF LOVE始動。

2017年よりMatsuri Digitalをはじめとし、今のトランスシーンの中核に立ち国内外で活動するYUTAが2016年 「一雫が水面に創造する波紋のような音と空間」というコンセプトの元スタートさせたテクノレーベルLiquid Drop Grooveに加入し今後更に飛躍を遂げる事になる

Born in Osaka,1979.

She started her music career from Vocalist of Band,Club singer. And now,her music position is DJ/organizer.

Sound from device.

She conversion this “vibration to be circulated on atmosphere” by her original and directional style.
She also transform this  to different format for audience,industrially and acidly with their inner brain vision.
Her irreplaceable sherman music therapist style expansion leads us to sound image world like a cinema as moment.
She started “THE AGE OF LOVE” in 7th, March,2009 as her own organized party.

This party breaks existing techno party style,and  symbolic existence of Osaka underground.She has spirit  to explore new dimension of expression of dance music,and set the space to be exing and functional.

In 2017,She joined the techno label “Liquid Drop Groove” which YUTA who act on central Trance music scene,not only domestic but also international, started with concept “sound and space like  a drop of water create ripple on water surface”in 2016.

Her music accomplish even more a leap from now on.

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