01 No Choice (Original Mix) - MASA 

02 Object Coord (Original Mix) - CD HATA & MASARU

Track 1 Produced and Written by Masayuki Kurihara
Track 2 Produced and Written by CD HATA & MASARU
Mastered by MASA at GuruguruHyena Studio 2017

Label:Liquid Drop Groove

Catalog No.:LDG003

Release Date:2017.08.15

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Ricardo Gardunoと A.Mochiの2曲を収録したBETAシリーズの発足に続き、国内アーティストにフォーカスした新シリーズDELTAがいよいよ動き出す!
Space GatheringのMASAが Liquid Drop Groove をイメージした新曲 ”No Choice”、Dachamboとしての活動も著しいCD HATAと日本最北テクノアーティストMASARUによる新曲 ”Object Coord” を含むDELTAシリーズは、国産アーティストと常に最先端を見据えたサイケデリックテクノをコンセプトに世界に向け発信する。
Following the launched of the BETA series was included two tracks by Ricardo Garduno and A. Mochi and now Liquid Drop Groove release the new EP series DELTA is more focused on release the Japanese domestic artists tunes toward to world.
The special new track "No Choice" created by MASA from Space Gathering and 2nd track "Object Coord" by CD HATA from Dachambo and MASARU from nothernmost Japan. Both artists are always leading edge with the domestic scene for psychedelic techno. Please feel the Japanese Techno scene!