01 NUJOL (Original Mix) - Takaaki Itoh

02 Quis Cursus (Original Mix) - Himmelkompass

Track 1 Produced and Written by Takaaki Itoh
Track 2 Produced and Written by Himmelkompass

Label:Liquid Drop Groove

Catalog No.:LDG004

Release Date:2017.11.06

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Our new EP includes 2 track and track 1 is by Takaaki Itoh, the Japanese king of techno producer who has love calls from all over the world and touring inside Europe and domestic constantly.

Track 2 is by Himmelkompass, it from a long run label that continues to be loved from psychedelic techno / techno trance lovers all the world, Spain-Based Boshke Beats is one of head temple for over 15 years.

We proudly announce that Takaaki Ito and Himmelkompass dropped special tune for us finally!!

Contents of tracks and quality and combination.. Please don't miss our new sound!