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Title : Various Artists “N.O.W. (NEW ORBIT WAVES)” Vol.1
Label : Liquid Drop Groove
Cat No. : LDG005
Physical Disc Release date : 2017.12.09
Compiled by Alex Tolstey
Cover art by

1. Epi Centrum “Forsaken Minds”
W+P by Jurek Przezdziecki, Mastered by Calyx

2. Pallida & M.E.E.O. “Shelter” (Stressed Mix)
W+P by Andreas Lingbrand & Mathias Eriksson, Mastered by Adam Jay

3. Sam Waller “Pop Cult”
W+P by Samuel Wallerstein, Mastered by Thomas P. Heckmann

4. The Delta “Vicious Pink”
W+P by Marcus C. Maichel and Alex“Tolstey”Kaplan
Mastered by Marcus C. Maichel

5. Eitan Reiter & PRZ “Flux”
W+P by Eitan Reiter and Gal Perez, Mastered by Ido Ophir

6. 4D “Night Rider”
W+P by James Monro & Grant Collins, Mastered by Grant “Darshan” Collins

7. Cubix “Poxi”
W+P by Adam Jay, Angel Alanis and Rebecca Ciaglia, Mastered by Adam Jay

8. Max Pollyul “M-Pill (2017 Remix)“
W+P by Max Pollyul, Mastered by Thomas P. Heckmann

9. Extrawelt “Hail The Whale”
W+P by Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe, Mastered by Lupo

10. Himmelkompass “Parallelwelt”
W+P Alex Volkov, Mastered by Thomas P. Heckmann

Track1-4, 7, 8 & 10 Licensed from Boshke Beats Records C+P 2017
Track 5 Licensed from Gem Records C+P 2017
Track 6 Licensed from 4DigitalAudio C+P 2017
Track 9 Licensed from Cocoon Recordings C+P 2017