Yuta Chaya

1. Episode 1

2. Episode 2

Label:Liquid Drop Groove

Catalog No.:LDG019

Release Date:2020.4.30

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Yuta Chaya is brand new project by YUTA and Sancho Meiso Chaya 1st releases "Episode 1 and 2" as 5th release of DELTA series!

"YUTA" the owner of Liquid Drop Groove, who travels global rave and festivals as combine artists and organizers. And Japaese ambient master "Sancho Meiso Chaya" who has a connection with the Berlin house scene. Their maiden works is out now as like a take off the veil.

Two tracks are up-tempo, funky phrases, minimal expansion and extreme opposite taste and mixes the psychedelic sense.

Mastering is by NESS who has excellent compatibility with Liquid Drop Groove sound color. Artwork is by MITSURU who has highly feedback from the world's rave scene.

Will be a remarkable work for Liquid Drop Groove in 2020 the time of changes of world.