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「一滴が水面に創造する波紋状な音と空間」を根底に2016年09月にPsychedelic Technoレーベル&パーティ “Liquid Drop Groove” を発足、日本全国・世界各地で展開する。さらには2017年にブッキングエージェント “Matsuri Beats Bookings”、2019年には「絶景で聴きたい音楽」をテーマにディープ・モダン・サイケデリックなDOWNBEATレーベル&パーティ “Landscape” を始動。

3度に渡るECLIPSE FESTIVAL、ハンガリーOZORA、オランダPsy Fi、スペインLost Theory、クロアチアModem、パナマTribal Gatheringや他多数、テルアビブ・マドリード・バンコク・深圳・マカオ等のクラブに、国内においては春風、Re:birth、Mother、SOLSTICE、rural、Reboot等に出演。

OZORAが主宰するインターネットラジオ “radiOzora” では自身のポッドキャストを持ち、Dommuneにて一定サイクルでレーベルショーケース開催、国内最高峰ミュージックマガジン “クラベリア” を筆頭にWEBマガジンにその活動を取り上げられる。



YUTA is an established DJ/Organizer/Record label owner and booking agent in Japan, started his career since 2003.

His own psychedelic techno label, Liquid Drop Groove, was established in 2016 with a vision to create a space and soundwave that mimics a ripple made by a single drop on the surface of the water.

In 2017 YUTA launched Matsuri Beats Bookings and in 2019 a Deep/Modern/Psychedelic Downbeat label “Landscape” which will be showcased soon.

YUTA’s playfulness and visions are evident in his transformation from a leading Retro 90’ Goa trance DJ under Matsuri Digital, to his current techno project- Liquid Drop Groove.

His music, which he describes as “Trancy Acidy Trippy Techno” and “Psychedelic Downbeats” with build up and cinematic flow is a result of his over 15 years experience as an artist, performing at major festivals such as Eclipse Festival (Australia/Indonesia/USA) Ozora (Hungary) Psy-Fi (Holland) Lost Theory (Spain) Modem (Croatia) Tribal Gathering (Panama) Re:birth (Tokyo) rural (Tokyo) etc. And numerous clubs in Europe and Asia where The Block (Tel Aviv) Shine (Madrid) GLOW (Bangkok) OIL (Shenzhen) and VENT, Contact, VISION, WOMB, UNIT, ageHa, CIRCUS, ALZAR, g in Japan.

YUTA is running his techno label podcast on radiOzora by Ozora Festival, and organizing few times party in every year at Dommune for label showcase, wrote some articles on underground Japanese media such as Clubberia and Posivision.

In 2019 YUTA will be continuing his tour around the world and upcoming release from his techno label. Having travelled alone in Asia and reached the realization that “Life = Psychedelic” he is on a mission to continue with the concept of “Reforming Consciousness”

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